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Paju (2009) Movie Image

Paju (2009) Movie Review

“Paju” marks the second effort from Korean writer director Park Chan Ok, following on from her much praised 2002 debut...

Written (2007) Movie Image

Written (2007) Movie Review

Korean indie “Written”, the second outing from writer director Kim Byung Woo is a brain teaser of a film which...

Missing Person (2009) Movie Image

Missing Person (2009) Movie Review

“Missing Person” is another slice of quality Korean independent cinema, which was written, produced, and directed by debut helmer Lee...

Kang-ho Song in Thirst (2009) Movie Image

Thirst (2009) Movie Review

Park Chan Wook, Korean director of two of the biggest cult hits in recent Asian cinema with “Sympathy for Mr...

Boat (2009) Movie Image

Boat (2009) Movie Review

“Boat” is a Korean Japanese co-production charting the experiences and cross cultural friendship of a couple of smugglers, and was...

A Million (2009) Movie Image

A Million (2009) Movie Review

Taking its inspiration from the reality television survival shows that continue to be popular across the world, “A Million” notches...

Chaw (2009) Movie Image

Chaw (2009) Movie Review

The monster movie returns to Korean screens in the unlikely form of a giant killer pig with “Chaw”, directed by...

Thirsty, Thirsty (2008) Movie Image

Thirsty, Thirsty (2008) Movie Review

“Thirsty, Thirsty” is a Korean independent production which marks the directorial debut of Hong Hyun Ki, who had previously worked...

The Bronze Medalist (2009) Movie Image

The Bronze Medalist (2009) Movie Review

Its inspirational sports time again with “Bronze Medallist” (a.k.a. “Lifting King Kong”) from Korea, marking the directorial debut of Park...

Running Turtle (2009) Movie Image

Running Turtle (2009) Movie Review

The rather oddly titled “Running Turtle” sees Kim Yoon Seok following up his award winning role in “The Chaser” by...

Cyborg She (2008) Movie Image

Cyborg She (2008) Movie Review

“Cyborg She” sees Korean director Kwak Jae Yong of “My Sassy Girl” fame switching to Japanese for a genre blending...

Private Eye (2009) Movie Image

Private Eye (2009) Movie Review

“Private Eye” offers a twist on the recent trend of modern noir detective stories by adopting a period setting, making...

Breathless (2008) Movie Image

Breathless (2008) Movie Review

Brutal Korean indie “Breathless” was obviously a personal project for Yang Ik June, who wrote, directed, produced and starred in...