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Breathless (2008) Movie Image

Breathless (2008) Movie Review

Brutal Korean indie “Breathless” was obviously a personal project for Yang Ik June, who wrote, directed, produced and starred in...

Boy Director (2007) Movie Image

Boy Director (2007) Movie Review

The Korean independent cinema scene continues to thrive with “Boy Director”, written and directed by documentary filmmaker Lee Woo Yeol....


Marine Boy (2009) Movie Review

“Marine Boy” marks the debut of writer director Yoon Jong Seok, and has nothing to do with the famous Japanese...


Hand Phone (2009) Movie Review

Mobile phone related films have been pretty popular of late in both Hollywood and Asia, with the likes of “Connected”...


More Than Blue (2009) Movie Review

Although many films rely upon misleading advertising or false hyperbole, viewers can be assured that “More Than Blue” (a.k.a. “A...

Naked Kitchen (2008) Movie Image

Naked Kitchen (2008) Movie Review

The popularity of food related Korean films continues with “The Naked Kitchen” from first time female director Hong Ji Young,...

Lost and Found (2008) Movie Image

Lost and Found (2008) Movie Review

Following on from her award winning turn in the historical mystery “Shadows in the Palace”, actress Park Jin Hee’s stock...


Crossing (2008) Movie Review

“Crossing” is the latest film to tackle the North South Korean divide, a highly emotive subject which has inspired a...


Romantic Island (2008) Movie Review

It’s really not hard to see the rationale for making “Romantic Island”, with the premise offering gorgeous, sun-drenched tropical scenery,...


The Divine Weapon (2008) Movie Review

The Korean historical costume epic continues to thrive with “The Divine Weapon” from director Yoo Jin, previously responsible for “Wild...


Death Bell (2008) Movie Review

Although summer has long been the traditional time for horror films in Korea, the 2008 season only saw one major...