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Chinese Independent Film Festival 2013

James Mudge at the 10th China Independent Film Festival

10th China Independent Film Festival 第十届中国独立影像年度展 文:James Mudge (伦敦华语视像艺术节总监,英国非主流影片网站www.beyondhollywood.com及全球亚洲影片销售网Yes Asia首席影评撰稿人。) (Chinese Translation: Jingjing Xie 译:谢晶晶) The China Independent Film Festival...

10+10 (2011) Movie Poster

10+10 (2011) Movie Review

Although the anthology format is common enough in Asian cinema, “10+10” offers something a little different, not to mention more...

Jaycee Chan in Double Trouble (2012) Movie Image

Double Trouble (2012) Movie Review #2

Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan follows in his father’s footsteps with mismatched buddy comedy “Double Trouble”, very much in the...

Blue Lan in The Spin Kid (2011) Movie Image

The Spin Kid (2011) Movie Review

Screened at Taiwan Cinefest 2012. Popular Taiwanese star Blue Lan follows up domestic box office smash “Night Market Hero” with...


Film Shots: Taiwan Cinefest 2011

Taiwan Cinefest, now in its third year, is the largest European Taiwanese film festival, taking place in London and other...

Kung Fu Dunk (2008) Movie Poster

Kung Fu Dunk (2008) Movie Review

Although based upon the manga “Slam Dunk”, “Kung Fu Dunk” is basically an attempt to emulate the success of Hong...

The Knot (2006) Movie DVD Cover

The Knot (2006) Movie Review

“The Knot” is of some significance in being the first joint blockbuster production between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,...

The Heirloom (2005) Movie Poster

The Heirloom (2005) Movie Review

“The Heirloom” marks the debut of Taiwanese director Leste Chen, who had previously worked on music videos for the likes...

Pushing Hands (1992) Movie DVD Cover

Pushing Hands (1992) Movie Review

1992′s “Pushing Hands” is the debut film of director Ang Lee, who co-wrote the script with his familiar partner-in-crime, James...

Double Vision (2003) Movie DVD Cover

Double Vision (2003) Movie Review

Kuo-fu Chen’s “Double Vision” was written, executed, and intended for international audiences, so maybe this is why the film lacks...