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The Wolfman (2010) Movie Poster

Giveaway: The Wolfman Prize Pack

Joe Johnston’s “The Wolfman” doesn’t howl into theaters until February 12, 2010, but until then, Universal Pictures would like to...

Benicio Del Toro in The Wolfman (2010) Movie Image

Seven Bloodthirsty Wolfman Clips

I am trying to remember the last decent, back to basics werewolf movie I’ve seen and nothing immediately springs to...

Emily Blunt in The Wolfman (2010) Movie Image video

The Making of The Wolfman

A few days ago Variety reported (you kind of have to mine for it in the article) that veteran editors...

The Wolfman (2010) Movie Poster

The Wolfman Cometh

Cinematical has an exclusive on the latest The Wolfman poster, which you can see below. The poster is more suggestive...


Two More Images from The Wolfman

Look, it’s Benecio Del Toro in Victoria-era clothes! Plus, Hugo Weaving sans sunglasses or elfen ears! Yay! Anyhoo. Two more...

Mark Romanek

Mark Romanek Leaves Wolfman Movie

The “Wolf Man” remake has just lost its director. News from The Hollywood Reporter is that director Mark Romanek has...