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Natalie Portman in Thor (2011) Movie Poster

Thor (2011) Movie Review

Verily! “Thor” doth cometh to smite thee! Okay, so the Thor in Kenneth Branagh’s big-screen version of the Marvel Comics...

Thor Mondo Movie Poster by Ken Taylor

Mondo Takes on the God of Thunder

Check out a Mondo poster for Marvel Studios’ upcoming “Thor”, opening everywhere this Friday. The artist is Ken Taylor. The...

Jaimie Alexander and Director Kenneth Branagh in Thor (2011) Movie Image

10 Minutes of Thor B-Roll Footage

Still haven’t decided on whether “Thor” is your cup of superhero yet? Here are two lengthy behind-the-scenes (five whole minutes...

Thor (2011) Movie IMAX Poster

Thor (2011) Movie Review

“Thor” probably needs no introduction, but for anyone who hasn’t visited a comic or movie themed website in the last...

Chris Hemsworth and Gregg Clark in Thor (2011) Movie Image video

Two New Smashing Thor TV Spots

Two new very action-packed TV spots for Marvel Studios’ “Thor” that features quite a bit of action footage not seen...