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New On DVD: Clash (AKA Bay Rong)

We’ve been writing about Vietnamese actioner “Clash” (AKA “Bay Rong”) on this site for some time. So long, in fact,...

Johnny Nguyen in The Rebel (2006) Movie Image

The Rebel (2006) Movie Review

I had always intended to watch Charlie Nguyen’s “The Rebel”, but never got around to it. Call it procrastination, call...

Cyclo (1995) Movie DVD Cover

Cyclo (1995) Movie Review

Every bustling city has a forgotten class of people, those that work behind the scenes keeping the machine running. These...

Three Seasons (1999) Movie DVD Cover

Three Seasons (1999) Movie Review

It may shock most Americans to realize that, despite their insistence on holding onto the memories of the Vietnam War,...