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Woody Harrelson in Zombieland

Zombieland (2009) Movie Review

To be clear, Ruben Fleischer’s “Zombieland” is less a zombie movie than it is a road movie/comedy. Just to get...

Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland (2009) Movie Image

First Images from Zombieland

I have to admit, when I first heard about Ruben Fleischer’s horror/comedy “Zombieland”, I was really expecting another shitty horror/comedy...

Zombieland (2009) Movie Set Image

Zombieland Set Pics

“Zombieland” director Ruben Fleischer has declared shooting on his horror-comedy “Zombieland” finished, and was nice enough to slap some set...


Woody Harrelson Lost in Zombieland

What, another horror-comedy about zombies? Yup, apparently, and this one stars Woody Harrelson as a zombie fighter named Albuquerque. Oooh,...