Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron Headed to Big Screen


Another day, another young adult book series gets optioned in hopes of landing “Harry Potter”-esque success. The latest is British author Catherine Fisher’s “Incarceron”, which is being produced by Hugh Jackman for Fox 2000.

“Incarceron” tells the story of a young boy who lives in a prison that is a complete society; outside the prison, the world is stuck in the 17th century and run by computers. The boy comes into contact with the warden’s daughter, who lives in her own sort of jail, and they find a key that can change everything.

Originally published in the UK in 2007, the first book in the series was just published in the States three weeks ago, with a sequel, “Sapphique”, due out later next year.

Author: Nix

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  • jredmann

    best book i have ever read and i read a lot. im 13 its amazing. better not screw up this movie

  • jredmann

    best book i have ever read and i read a lot. im 13 its amazing. better not screw up this movie

  • Celestialmaid

    I loved the book so much and I have the sequel. I wish that Catherine fisher would come out with a third one to tie some of the endings. I also wish that they would create a movie out of the Oracle by Catherine fisher. That is my all time favorite book. It's so sad that Catherine fisher's books get so little love. Why is it that her increbible stories don't get attention.

  • One Pushy Fox

    This would make an AMAZING MOVIE!!! I would really love to see it on the big screen. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Austin Kendall

    I hope the movie comes out earlier than 2013. That’s too long of a wait!!

  • The dude

    oh my god, a movie, sweet!
    my only huge demand is DON’T PUT MILEY FREAKING CYRUS IN IT!!!!!
    im tired of her ass ruining good movies.

  • incarceron fan

    why taylor lautner? i dont hate the guy it just he doesnt fit the description of Finn i have a feeling this movie is going to be screwed up.