CBS Gives Person of Interest and Unforgettable Full Season Pick-Ups

Poppy Montgomery in UnforgettableThe last time he talked about his show “Person of Interest”, creator/producer Jonathan Nolan (younger brother of Christopher) was optimistic about getting a full season pick-up for his freshman show. Turns out he was right to be positive — CBS has officially announced full season pick-ups for not only Nolan’s “Person of Interest”, but also their other fledgling cop show “Unforgettable”.

“Person of Interest” stars James Caviezel, making a rare foray into TVland, as a former CIA killer who teams up with a mysterious rich geek (“Lost’s” Michael Emerson) to use a super duper secret Government computer program jacked into every TV camera/surveillance device in the world to save the everyday citizens of New York City from foul play. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from the show so far, and Caviezel brings that same intensity to the role that he brings to all his movie roles. I’ve likened the show to “The Punisher” without the skull, and it fits.

“Unforgettable”, meanwhile, stars former “Without a Trace” actress Poppy Montgomery (top, left) in the lead, playing a cop who has super memory — she can basically recall anything and everything that she’s seen or heard down to the most minute details. The show was originally called “The Rememberer”, which was just dumb. Good thing they changed the title.

Both procedurals are currently in the first batch of their debut seasons.

James Caviezel and Michael Emerson in Person of Interest TV Series

Via : CBS