CBS Releases First Promo for Two and A Half Men

Pretty soon summer is over and the fall TV season will be upon us with new shows galore. Among them will be the rebooted “Two and A Half Men”. If you recall, Charlie Sheen went and lost all his marbles, causing his crazy self to be fired from his “Men” gig and months later, in steps Ashton Kutcher of “That 70’s Show” fame to take his spot.

Sure, he’ll play a new character and we’ll never have to hear of Charlie Harper again, but a reboot is a reboot and one can only hope that “Two and A Half Men” version 2.0 will still be funny, if not funnier, than when Sheen was the star of the show.

Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones will still be part of the cast, as you can clearly see above, and will debut later this year on September 19. As of now, there’s still no official word as to what Kutcher’s role in the series will be but obviously, he’ll be a big factor in the show.

As to what Sheen will be up to, for those still interested, he’ll star in his own show, “Anger Management”.

No date or network has been set.