CBS Renews Person of Interest, Hawaii Five-0

Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson in PERSON OF INTEREST PromoCBS has announced a slate of pick-ups for the coming year, including a second season for the Jonathan Nolan vigilante show “Person of Interest” and a third season for sunny “Hawaii Five-O”. There are more, of course, but essentially those are the only two shows on the network I watch on any regular basis, and “Hawaii” is pretty much only “if I run across it on TV I might stop and watch it”.

“Person of Interest,” meanwhile, is firmly set on my DVR list. The show stars Jim Caviezel as an ex-CIA spook who teams up with a billionaire nerd played by Michael Emerson to save people the law can’t. You see, Emerson has invented this super secret machine that can detect patterns for the U.S. government to stop terrorism. But since the Guv’ment doesn’t care about the little guy, it’s up to our two mismatched heroes to save the day.

It’s actually a good show, and I liken it to “The Punisher”, with Caviezel as the damaged Frank Castle and Emerson as his Microchip. Good to see the show coming back for a second season. Solid, well-acted, well-written, and action-oriented shows are hard to find nowadays on network TV.

As for “Hawaii Five-O”? It’s not bad. The scenery is nice and watching Alex O’Loughlin running around like some jacked-up jock with a gun can be pretty fun. And oh yeah, Grace Park ain’t bad to look at, either.

Grace Park in HAWAII FIVE-O

Via : EW