CHA-CHING! Jon Stewart Re-Ups with Comedy Central to 2010

Comedy Central funnyman Jon Stewart is hearing the sound of cash registers ringing as he re-ups with basic cable network Comedy Central to do his Daily Show until 2010, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Although terms of the deal were not disclosed, it’s a good bet that Comedy Central shelled out plenty of bucks to keep the faux newsman on the air for an additional two years, with Stewart’s existing contract expiring in 2008. If you have never watched The Daily Show, comedian Jon Stewart basically mocks politicians and pretty much anyone who deserves it with sharp comedy wit. In recent years, it’s become the place to be seen if you’re a Democratic Politician looking to boost your profile with, as they say, “the young people”.

So how much do you think Stewart will be making? I can only guess that it has to be some major bucks. Comedy Central pulled out the wallet big time to keep the South Park boys, and I’m sure they’ll go above and beyond to keep Stewart, who provides the basic channel with the bulk of its prestige because, frankly, they sure as hell aren’t getting it from the Godawful Mind of Mencia. Good God what a piece of crap that one is.

Jon Stewart Re-Ups with Comedy Central to 2010