Chan-wook Park Talks Thirst, formerly Evil Live

Chan-wook Park’s newest movie, the vampire horror flick “Evil Live” has apparently been retitled “Thirst”. CNN got around to talking to Park in their Talk Asia segment, and the director of “Old Boy” and “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”, among many, many notable other films, talk a bit about the film, which is about a man who gets the wrong blood transfusion and becomes a vampire as a result; now he’s thirsty for human blood, which is bad enough, but he ends up falling in love with a woman. Man, I hate it when that happens to me, too.

WARNING: CNN actually REVEALS THE ENDING of the movie in the interview! And it’s not like they revealed it late in the interview, either; they revealed it about 90 seconds into this 6-minute interview! Yeah, I know. CNN ain’t the brightest bulb in the bunch, apparently.

They actually spent only the first minute or so on “Thirst”, including some behind-the-scenes stuff, then spent the rest of the interview talking about his past films and cinematic influences.

The original interview video can be found here.

Park Chan Wook