Chances are Zack Snyder Won’t be Directing Xerxes

Given the option, Zack Snyder would do everything he can to return to Ancient Greece to direct “Xerxes”, the sequel/prequel to his hit film “300”. Or at least, that’s the impression you get from everything he’s said about the project since “300” blew up and a sequel was quickly put into the works. Now, though, it’s looking very unlikely that Snyder will have that option, especially with the “Superman” reboot expected to take up the next two years of his life.

Producer Mark Canton, who is working on “Xerxes”, reiterates that point when asked if Snyder will direct “Xerxes”:

I can’t say. I mean, he’s got ‘Superman.’ He’s busy. We’re busy. I don’t think we’re going to wait two years. But we’ll work together with him and figure out who the filmmaker should be if he doesn’t direct it. We’re taking a lot of time because [Zach] really did create something that goes in the time capsule. We want to be faithful to the first one, but we don’t want to do a conventional sequel. But we’re getting close.

Of course, all this is a moot point until Frank Miller finally finishes that damn comic book (ahem, excuse me, graphic novel) that he’s working on, and from which the movie “Xerxes” will be based.