Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas Joining Soderbergh’s Knockout

If there’s fighting to be done in a movie, you can pretty much bet that someone will wonder if Channing Tatum is available. No offense to the guy, but let’s face it, he’s not exactly the greatest actor of our generation.

The latest news from Steven Soderbergh’s spy-action movie “Knockout” has Tatum joining the cast in, surprisingly, a relatively small role as a member of star Gina Carano’s black ops team, a character who is sent to bring Carano’s Mallory Kane in from the cold after she goes rogue. This means, one presumes, Tatum gets to fight her and lose. She is the star, after all.

Also in negotiations to join the cast is Antonio Banderas, playing the head of a black ops unit in Europe.

Already in the cast: Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, Ewan McGregor and Michael Fassbender.

Whoa, whoa, I get my ass kick by a girl? Come on, I'm the star of Step Up and Step Up 2, dammit!