Channing Tatum as Captain America?

In just a few short years, Channing Tatum has been in tons of big Hollywood movies, most of them as the leading man, but I swear I don’t know anyone who even knows who he is. That may actually work in his favor if he continues to promote himself as a viable candidate to play Captain America in “The First Avenger: Captain America” (seriously, they need to just call this thing either “Captain America” or “The First Avenger”, using both is just clunky).

Speaking to MTV, Channing talks about that stale rumor from ways back that had Will Smith as a contender for the role, but adds that he wouldn’t mind playing the role himself if it doesn’t work out for Smith.

“I would love to play Captain America,” Tatum explained in no uncertain terms. “I actually really, really would love it.”

“I love Captain America. I’m not a big aficionado on him,” he added. “But I know who we was, and I like him as a character.”

He’s basically playing a Captain America type already in the upcoming “G.I. Joe” movie, so slipping on some tights wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Plus, the guy has the physique and physicality to pull off the role, and like I said, he’s just unknown, but known enough to front a major franchise.

Plus, Tatum is about the right age to build a franchise around. Yeah, I could definitely see it happening. Makes more sense than Will Smith as Captain America, anyway…