Channing Tatum is the Darkness? The Pang Bros. Directing?

Wait, where was I when it was announced that the Pang Brothers were directing a live-action version of Top Cow Comic’s “The Darkness” comic book? Geez, I must have missed that one. Anyways, according to Bloody-Disgusting, they’ve gotten word that “G.I. Joe’s” Duke, Channing Tatum has been cast as the lead in the film adaptation of the comic book, which was created by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis, and David Wohl back in the early days of Image Comics.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about the comic and the Darkness in question:

The comic’s central subject is the power known as The Darkness and its wielders. The Darkness is an ageless power dating back beyond human history. It is linked with the Angelus and the Witchblade. The Darkness is passed down a family line from father to son, leaving the previous user (and taking his life) as his first child is conceived. The power then manifests in the child on his 21st birthday.

Darkness users can create anything they desire with The Darkness, even sentient beings, but anything they make will crumble to dust in the light. The Darkness is quite deadly, allowing the user to call forth darkling minions to aid them, and even survive gunshots. The power can also be used to maul and feed on people.

The Darkness does not function unless it is dark, but some users can also manipulate this by creating their own shadows/darkness (e.g. smoke grenades), being underground, turning off lights in a room, etc.

Top Cow is also trying to get a “Witchblade” movie into theaters, so if they could pull both off, and the films are successful enough, I wouldn’t rule out a cross-over movie ala what Marvel Studios is currently doing with their film properties at the moment.

And hey, throw in “Magdalena”, and you got yourself one big Top Cow Movie Spectacular, Spectacular, Spectacular!

Below: “That Witchblade, always hogging the Darkness with her Witchiness.”