Channing Tatum May Keep The White House from Going Down

Channing TatumThere are currently two “Die Hard in the White House” movies churning in Hollywood at the moment (Hollywood loves their dueling studio projects, in case you didn’t know), both concerning Secret Service agents at the wrong place at the right time. The wrong place would be the White House, and the right time would be when paramilitary baddies decide to take it over. (Doesn’t say much for White House security, does it? Apparently all you need to knock over the Prez’s adobe is a handful of guys with guns.)

Gerard Butler is already attached to “Olympus has Fallen” (with director Antoine Fuqua “circling”), and now it looks like he might have to battle G.I. Joe’s Duke for the privilege of saving the White House, because Channing Tatum is now in talks to headline “White House Down”.

“White House Down” was written by James Vanderbilt and sold to Sony for an obscene amount of dollars (this is still 2012 and the economy is still in the tank, right? Don’t tell Hollywood that, because Sony bought Vanderbilt’s script for a cool $3 million). Roland Emmerich, who has never met a White House he didn’t want to destroy, is already attached to direct. (Seriously, the number of times this guy has destroyed the White House, the Secret Service should dig into his background just to be safe. He is German, after all.)

In “White House Down”, Tatum would play a smart-alecky Secret Service agent (basically John McClane but, you know, a Secret Service agent) who is taking a tour of the White House with his estranged daughter (she’s so estranged she calls him by his first name), when paramilitary terrorists decide to stage a takeover. It’s up to Bruce — er, I mean, Channing Tatum to save the day.

Tatum seems a tad young for the role (his daughter is supposed to be 10 or thereabouts), but he’s certainly physical enough and it’s not like he has a lot to do in the movie but run, shoot, and crack jokes.

Via : THR