Channing Tatum Officially Jumping. On, er, 21 Street.

For those of you waiting with bated breath for that “21 Jump Street” movie starring that fat kid from “Superbad” with the frizzy hair and wondering who is going to balance out the fatness and frizziness, you can stop waiting now: Channing Tatum has officially joined the cast of the film, based on the Fox cop show that originally launched Johnny Depp’s career in the ’80s, as well as Holly Robinson Peete’s. Remember her? No? Nevermind, then.

Besides offering up his handsome mug and impossibly perfect physique (no, it’s not a man crush, more like man envy, ahem), Tatum will also lend his name to the film as an executive producer along with co-star Jonah Hill and writers/directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. So what does having “executive producer” next to your name mean in a movie? Probably that Tatum gets an extra bottle of tan lotion to, you know, rub all over his abs in-between takes. I could be wrong, of course.

Tatum and Hill won’t be playing any characters from the original show, though it would be a riot if they did. Imagine Hill and Tatum as the new McQuaid brothers (originally played with fantastic flair by Depp and Peter DeLuise). I’ll just give you one guess who gets the handsome McQuaid brother part.