Character Break Downs for Star Trek 11

As always, if you want the first dish on Geek Items, you go to the original source — in this case, that’s Aint-it-Cool-News. Geek Central have landed a character breakdown for the cast of J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek 11 movie. (Remember Star Trek 11? The movie Abrams is doing NOT called “Cloverfield”?) Basically, the cast list tells us all the characters will be in their mid to late ’20s, or thereabouts, so it’s not like Abrams is going WAAAAAAAY back as was originally thought. And the fact that the cast also includes younger versions of Uhura, Sulu, and Scotty would seem to indicate that the movie will start with the gang already together, or close.


[JAMES KIRK] 23-29 Handsome,cocky self assured and earnest. Great physical condition. 6 ft or less

[LEONARD(BONES)MCOY] -28-32 Medic on the Enterprise. Smart, clever and a bit danger-loving. Dark hair, blue eyes.

[UHURA] 25ish -African American. Brilliant, beautiful, heroic and FUN!, Uhura is almost tom-boyish – as if she grew up in a houseful of brothers.

[SULU] 25-32 -Asian American male (preferably Japanese). Helmsman on the Enterprise. Extremely fit, capable and dedicated. A bit of a wildcat

[MONTGOMERY(SCOTTY) SCOTT] -28-32 a brilliant ship’s engineer. Must be able to do a flawless Scottish accent!

Wow, in order to land the part of Scotty, you must have a flawless Scottish accent. And they even emphasized it, too, so it must be REALLY important.

Here’s some fan’s mock-up of Zachary Quinto as Spock: