Charlie Hunnam in Talks for GDT’s Crimson Peak, Too

Gangster Squad (2013) Movie ImageLooks like Emma Stone isn’t the only one in talks to enter Guillermo del Toro’s spookfest “Crimson Peak”. She’s about to get some company.

The trades now have Charlie Hunnam, the star of Del Toro’s upcoming monster fighting movie “Pacific Rim”, also in “early negotiations” to join the supernatural drama. Hey, after fighting giant monsters with the fate of mankind in the balance, battling some annoying ghosts should be a cinch.

Del Toro is expected to start production on the Legendary Pictures ghost story by February of next year, directing from a script he co-wrote with Matthew Robbins and Lucinda Coxon. (Of course, this is assuming something else doesn’t strike Del Toro’s fancy between now and then…)

No word on what “Crimson Peak” is about, but it is believed to be set in/around a haunted house. Which means yes, spooky ghosts and the like.

The British Hunnam is probably most famous for starring in the FX Channel’s “Sons of Anarchy”, and recently starred in “Deadfall” with Eric Bana. “Pacific Rim” is probably his biggest starring vehicle to date, and let’s face it, no one’s seeing that movie for Charlie Hunnam when there are giant robots around to fight giant monsters from the sea.

Charlie Hunnam on Deadfall (2012) Movie Image

Via : Heat Vision