Check Out Another Wacky Clip from Black Dynamite: The Animated Series

Black Dynamite: The Animated Series Image

If you love the live-action “Black Dynamite”, I can’t see you not loving every second of the “Black Dynamite: The Animated Series”, well, animated series that just debuted on Cartoon Network as part of their Adult Swim block last Sunday. It looks like 30 seconds of constant Tomfoolery, ninja interrogations, and Cream Corn hilarity. Check out a clip from the show, check it outers.

“Black Dynamite: The Animated Series” features the voices of Michael Jai White, who played the character in the live-action version. Tommy Davidson, Byron Minns, Corey Burton and Liz Benoit also lend their voices.

Currently airing very, very late at night on Cartoon Network.

Black Dynamite: The Animated Series Poster