Check out David Tennant’s Vampire Slayer Pose in Fright Night Poster

Former “Doctor Who” guy David Tennant plays Peter Vincent in Craig Gillespie’s remake of “Fright Night”, a Las Vegas entertainer, collector, and now, vampire killer? Hey, I’m just reading what’s on the poster.

No doubt Tennant will have plenty of laughs in this horror-comedy co-starring Colin Farrell as a slick vamp who moves in next door to teenager Anton Yelchin and his mom Toni Collette. Problem is, no one believes young Yelchin that ol Farrell’s a vamp, thus leading to hijinks galore. You crazy kids and your vampire fixations.

Also co-starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse of “Kick Ass” fame and Imogen Poots of cute blonde chick with sexy accents fame.

Vamp out with David Tennant August 19, 2011.

UPDATE: According to CBM, this is a fan-made poster. No wonder he kinda looked like Neo…