Check Out Jesse V. Johnson’s Wonder Woman Movie Pitch/Fan Film

Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman

If you spend any time at all in direct-to-DVD action movie land, then you probably know the name Jesse V. Johnson. He’s a Hollywood stuntman who has worked in a ton of big studio films, but he’s only ever directed direct-to-DVD action movies like 2005’s “Pit Fighter” and the upcoming “The Package” with Dolph Lundgren and Steve Austin.

Like most directors, Jesse V. Johnson dreams of doing something bigger. Say, directing a Wonder Woman movie for Warner Bros., for instance. So taking a page from “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” director Kevin Tancharoen’s playbook, Johnson has assembled a crew and put together a 2-minute Wonder Woman pitch that stars Nina Bergman as the Amazonian warrior and includes appearances by everyone’s favorite twitchy actor, Peter Stormare (“The Last Stand”). Check it out below.

Some thoughts: Bergman is probably not quite “big” enough for the role, and there’s something odd about watching Wonder Woman shooting down a plane with a machinegun. Otherwise, not bad.

Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.

Via : Latino Review