Check Out the New Volkswagen 2012 Super Bowl TV Spot Everyone Will be Talking About

Volkswagen's Dog Superbowl Commercial

Last year Volkswagen killed it with their “The Force” Super Bowl spot, featuring a little Darth Vader marching through the house trying to force-choke various objects (and household pets), before giving up. Looks like the company realizes just how big that spot was (it’s gotten over 48 million views on YouTube alone), and might have been spending plenty of time to come up with another one that’s just as good. They’ve also apparently decided to keep the Star Wars theme, and the result is … “The Bark Side”.

They are, of course, barking out “Imperial March” from “Star Wars”. I kid you not. Look for it during the Super Bowl this year.

Here’s their 2011 Super Bowl spot for those who have forgotten: