Check Out The Official Trailer For Indie Comedy Junk

Junk (2011) Movie Poster
Those wacky bastards behind “ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction” are at it again. Moving away from the undead comedy ranks, the team of Kevin Hamedani and Ramon Isao has taken aim at the film industry, specifically the world of film festivals, with their new film, “Junk”. Fresh off of winning the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival, they’ve delivered the official trailer, and it looks like a damn fine time.

Here’s the synopsis:

Kaveh and Raul are two B-movie co-writers who have suffered a bitter falling out. Kaveh’s lost his girlfriend and spends his days getting high, while Raul is across the country studying at Columbia. But, when one of their films is accepted by a film festival, the ex-friends are forced to reconnect in order to pitch a new script to the festival’s marquee guest; the mysterious & powerful producer, Yukio Tai (James Hong). Along the way, the pair will struggle with and against prima donna actors, cutthroat colleagues, inept agents, brutish bodyguards and romantic entanglements—all while trying to resolve their own issues and seize the opportunity of a lifetime…

“Junk” has put together a solid cast full of familiar faces for film fans. Hamedani and Isao take the two lead roles, and filled in the supporting roles with veterans like Hong, who has been in everything from “Big Trouble in Little China” to “Kung-Fu Panda”. Indie filmmaker Lynn Shelton (“Your Sister’s Sister”) makes an appearance, as do Marcus Dunstan (“The Collection” and a bunch of “Saw” films), George Hardy (“Best Worst Movie”, “Troll 2”), and a bunch more.

Keep an eye out for “Junk” over the next few months, and check out their Facebook page for more updates.