Check Out These Character Posters from Andrew Lau’s The Guillotines

After stumbling here and there on its way out of the cinematic gate, “The Guillotines” — which is now being helmed by Andrew Lau — appears to be headed towards the finish line. If all goes accordingly, the film, which stars Huang Xiaoming, Ethan Ruan, Li Yuchun, Anthony Wang, and Shawn Yue, will grace Chinese theaters sometime next year. In order to get the word out, a small collection of character posters have found their way online. You, too, can gaze upon these promotional wonders by directing your attention to the gallery below.

First, a short synopsis:

Arguably history’s first SWAT team, this covert assassination squad of the emperor was composed of young street thugs who had been killing for food and survival since they were kids. Trained to use the Flying Guillotines, the deadliest weapon ever invented, they competed with one another to be the best killer. Merciless and arrogant, they live life in the fast lane, until one day it was revealed they’ve been killing the wrong people for the wrong side. As they were ambushed by another team of killers, and the hunters became the hunted, they were forced to kill for their survival again or faced imminent annihilation.

It’s worth noting that “The Guillotines” is NOT a remake of the martial arts classic “The Flying Guillotines”. You know, in case you were wondering.

The Guillotines (2012) Movie PosterThe Guillotines (2012) Movie PosterThe Guillotines (2012) Movie PosterThe Guillotines (2012) Movie PosterThe Guillotines (2012) Movie Poster

Via : 24 Frames per Second