Check Out This Badass Fight Scene from the Trish Stratus Actioner Bounty Hunters

Trish Stratus in Bounty Hunters (2011) Movie Image

Okay, okay. I relent. I give up. I will start calling “Bail Enforcers” by its new name in order to prevent consumer confusion. And while I still think that the picture’s original title is much stronger than “Bounty Hunters”, I guess it makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Whatever the damned thing’s called, it’s pretty freaking cool. I hope Trish Stratus finds herself in more fight flicks, as she makes for a seriously kick-ass action hero. But, that’s just me.

Below you’ll find a clip from Patrick McBrearty’s “Bounty Hunters”, a film which hits DVD here in the States on March 28th, 2012. The embedded video features a fair amount of girl-on-girl violence, complete with limited clothing and brutal violence. If you’re into that sort of thing, surely you’ll want to devote your undivided attention to it at some point during the day. Then again, if you don’t, I suppose that’s okay, too. I won’t judge you. Much.

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