Cheesy, CGI-Saturated Trailer For Darin Scott’s Dark House

DarkHouseI’m not entirely sure if the laughs derived from the trailer for Darin Scott’s upcoming horror endeavor “Dark House” were intentional or not, but it certainly left me wanting more. A lot more. To be brutally honest, had genre icon Jeffrey Combs not been a member of the cast, I would have completely ignored this campy, “Thirteen Ghosts”-inspired knock-off and immediately dismissed it from my short-term memory. As it stands, the movie has piqued my interest, though perhaps not in the way its cast and crew would have hoped. Sorry about that. Either way, it’s always a treat to see Combs hamming it up in a horror flick, low-budget schlock or not.

Here’s a closer look at the story:

A group of young actors is recruited to work for the ‘Dark House,’ a new haunted house attraction built by impresario, Walston Rey. His revolutionary new holographic system projects images of monsters throughout the house in an infinite number of variations. Walston has deliberately chosen a house which fourteen years before was the scene of a grizzly massacre perpetrated by Ms. Darode. Slowly the group begins to realize that things are not what they appear. The house locks down and the attractions begin to attack the actors with murderous intent as they frantically work to shut down the system and understand what happening. Could it all be just a computer malfunction and an attempt to ruin Walston or has the spirit of Ms. Darode returned to take care of some unfinished business.

Fascinating. The trailer has been included below for your convenience, though do stop by the official website for even more “Dark House”-related mayhem.