Chick-Infested You Again Trailer Promises Sexy Lesbian Catfights

Catfights between Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver, that is! Mee-oww!

Okay, not really, but the claws do look like they’ll come out in this comedy starring Kristen Bell, Curtis, Weaver, and Odette Yustman. Judging by the trailer alone, “You Again” looks like it could actually kinda sorta be funny, especially since its subject matter–being awkward in high school and terrorized by the popular kids–is something most of us can relate to.

Err, you. Something most of YOU can relate to.

Check out the trailer and if you find it completely indigestible, accept my apologies with the Odette Yustman pic below it.

Odette Yustman starring in You Again with Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, and Jamie Lee Curtis