Chicks Behind Bars: Prison Break Spin-Off Cherry Hill

I have to admit, this season’s Prison Break just hasn’t been as good for me. I’m unimpressed by the “harshness” of Panama’s Sona prison (shouldn’t a South American prison be a lot tougher?), and The Company Conspiracy going on in the background is so old hat, I’m not sure whether to be angry at the writers for pulling out the ol “Conspiracy” crap again, or be bored by it all. In any case, if Prison Break Season 3 proves to be successful enough, there is a chance that a new character called Molly (she hasn’t been seen yet) will be spun off into her own Prison Break series, to be called Prison Break: Cherry Hill. Or at least that’s the plan.


Tentatively titled “Prison Break: Cherry Hill,” the potential new series would be set at a women’s prison and center on Molly, a new regular character that will be introduced on “Prison” later this season.

Molly is an upper-middle-class wife. After suffering a family tragedy at the hands of the Company — the government conspiracy that framed Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and put them behind bars — she seeks them out at the hellish Panamanian prison Sona in her quest to exact vengeance.

In “Cherry Hill,” which would have the same tone as “Prison,” Molly goes to a women’s detention facility fully accepting the life sentence for her acts of revenge until she is contacted by the government with information that some of her loved ones are alive.

“In a moment’s time, she is transformed from an unapologetic murderer to a motivated woman who would do anything to get out of prison and be with them,” said Olmstead, who is exec producing “Cherry Hill” with Estrin and “Prison” exec producer Dawn Parouse.

A upper-class housewife become an avenging angel who has to break out of prison? Um, okay, guys. She better also be an ex-spy or ex-killer or something, too. I can buy a super genius like Michael Scofield breaking out of not one, but two prisons, but the housewife better be more than meets the eye, or this thing is going to reek.

Maybe they can find a way to get T-Bag onto the new show…

Chicks Behind Bars: Prison Break Spin-Off Cherry Hill