Child’s Play Remake in the Works

Child's Play (1988) Movie ImageIt’s child’s play, when you think about it. Remakes of old (and not so old) horror movies are in, and the “Child’s Play” franchise definitely has a loyal fanbase waiting to eat up any further adventures of Chucky. Last we saw Chuck (voiced by Brad Douriff), the evil killer doll had gotten hitched to Jennifer Tilly and was raising a kid. (No, really.) So what’s up next? How about a remake of “Child’s Play”? The news comes from First Showing, who says that the producer of the franchise, David Kirschner, is talking about a sequel that is actually a reboot of the series, with Don Mancini returning to script the project (and possibly direct?).


First things first, David Kirschner is the producer behind all five of the currently released Child’s Play movies. He produced the first one and even the latest one, Seed of Chucky. Secondly, he also said that the same screenwriter who came up with the original Chucky story, Don Mancini, and who wrote all five of them is working on this one as well.

There is no director attached yet, as they’re still working on the story, but some interesting discussion arose around what director might be chosen for this. Kirschner went on to explain that it would be very close to the original script, with some twists that the audience won’t see coming. Sound like it could possibly be good yet?

I will usually bitch and moan about unnecessary remakes, but hell, if Don Mancini wants to remake it, he can go ahead and do whatever he wants, it’s his baby.

More about the remake from Sci Fi Wire:

“We’re discussing it with Don Mancini, who has written all of them with us, from the very beginning,” Kirschner said in an interview while promoting his latest film, Martian Child. “The next one we’re going to do, we’re actually going back and are remaking the first one. And we’re pushing it even further and making a very terrifying version of the first one, which I think is pretty terrifying as it is.”

Kirschner revealed that the original script won’t be used verbatim but that much of it will be retained. “I think it’ll be pretty close to it, that’s for sure,” he said. “But there are some other things that we’re exploring, also, and some twists that we don’t want the audience to expect as far as a couple of deaths and where you think you’re going in one way and you’re going to go in another way as a result of knowing it and it being such a popular franchise.”

Child’s Play Remake in the Works