Chiller TV Prepares to Unleash Brian Keene’s Ghoul Upon the Masses


Most kids are stupid, smelly, trouble-making crumb-snatchers, which is precisely why I don’t have any of my own. When they’re not wiping unsightly nasal discharge onto walls, doors, and Blu-ray discs, they’re unleashing unspeakable evil upon the residents of their hometown. Such is the case with Brian Keene’s “Ghoul”, a motion picture produced by Chiller TV which finds a group of children unearthing a blood-thirsty creature from its cozy home deep beneath the earth’s crust. As you can imagine, it doesn’t take very long for the body count to rise to astronomical proportions. Damn kids and their ill-fated adventuring!

If a plot synopsis is what you crave, then you should read this:

It is the summer of 1984 when a teenage couple goes missing among the gravestones of the local cemetery. Twelve-year-old Timmy and his best friends, Barry and Doug, have grown up hearing stories about a sinister Ghoul that haunts the cemetery. Eventually, they begin to wonder if the horrific legend might actually be real. Timmy and his friends are forced to put their friendship to the ultimate test when they dig up long-buried secrets, facing their personal demons and the one hiding underground.

“Ghoul”, which stars Nolan Gould, Barry Corbin, and Brett Lapeyrouse, lurches onto Chiller TV on April 13th, 2012. You can watch a preview for the flick by investigating the video below.

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Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Sebastian Howard

    You’re a dumbass, these kids didn’t even un-earth him, at least not in the book. Most kids do suck but these guys are badass and do cool things like read comics. You bitch at them for watching Blu-Ray movies (what fucking kid watches Blu Ray movies?) and you say you don’t do anything but sit in front of a couch and watch TV, hypocrite.

    • Nix