Chilling Little Teaser Trailer for Tsutomu Hanabusa’s Sadako 3D

Sadako 3D (2012) Movie Image

Like it or not, spooky little girl Sadako is preparing to thrust her audio/visual evil directly into the third dimension with director Tsutomu Hanabusa’s “Sadako 3D”. Judging from the teaser you see embedded just below these poorly-constructed ramblings, the filmmakers are hoping to make great use of the technology by shoving all sorts of horrifying images into the screaming mugs of its audience. Whether or not they sacrifice story for gimmick remains to be seen.

Need a plot synopsis? I just happened to scare one up:

13 years after the original Ring movie, Sadako returns to the big screen in 3D! Akane is a high school teacher who hears a rumor from her students that there is actual footage on the Internet of someone’s suicide. The footage is said to drive anyone who sees it to also commit suicide. Akane does not believe the rumor at first, but when one of her female students dies after viewing the footage, she and her boyfriend Takanori are fatefully drawn into the horror that has been created by the man who appears in the suicide footage, Kashiwada. Kashiwada’s intention is to create chaos in the world by bringing back Sadako and the power of her curse. Now Akane has to fight against Sadako and Kashiwada to save the lives of herself and Takanori.

“Sadako 3D” stars Satomi Ishihara, Koji Seto, and Yusuke Yamamoto. This particular cinematic nightmare is currently set to terrorize Japanese movie-goers on May 12th, 2012. When you’ve properly prepared yourself, the aforementioned trailer awaits.

Via : Film Smash