China is All-in with Stan Lee’s The Annihilator

The Annihilator Comic CharacterLooks like Stan Lee’s latest comic book venture, the Chinese superhero “The Annihilator” has landed some pretty big guns — China. Yes, the whole country of China, apparently.

In a story about Stan Lee’s many hits and misses (or misses, anyway; remember that ill-conceived “The Governator” idea?), the LA Times reports that Lee’s Chinese superhero has just gotten some huge financial backing from the Asian country.

…“The Annihilator” tops the inaugural list of co-productions from National Film Capital, the state-run fund-management company that draws on $422 million raised by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other partners.

Basically, “The Annihilator” has just gotten all the money it needs to make those series of comic books, movies, and what other properties Lee and his POW! Entertainment manage to come up with for the character. Right now, though, a 3D movie (with a $100-150 million dollar budget) seems to be the priority, with “Real Steel” writer Dan Gilroy hired to bang out a script late last year. A TV series is also possible, along with, of course, a companion comic book series.

“The Annihilator” will “tell the story of a young Chinese man forced to leave his hometown in mainland China amid dramatic circumstances. After time in the United States, he returns home in the guise of the Annihilator, who uses his extraordinary powers to save the world and also explore his roots.”

Lee, who is pushing 90, hasn’t had a lot of hits these last few years, so here’s hoping “The Annihilator” helps him to recapture some of those old school Marvel Comics glory days.

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