China is Making a Post-Apocalyptic Movie Based on an Unfinished Bruce Lee Script

Bruce Lee in The Way of the Dragon (1972) Movie ImageApparently sometime between his untimely death in 1973 and becoming the biggest Asian movie star in the world, martial arts legend Bruce Lee was working on a script called “The Silent Flute” with actor James Coburn and Hollywood screenwriter Stirling Silliphant. The film is supposedly set 800 years in the future, in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society. Although it’s apparently sci-fi-ish, given that Lee came up with the idea and was writing it, I’m guessing it’s also heavy on the martial arts.

Originally titled “The Silent Flute”, the film is now on the slate of China’s National Film Capital, the country’s State-run/State-financed/State-controlled investment into films that will incorporate Chinese actors/storylines with Hollywood moviemaking know-how. “The Silent Flute” will feature two male leads, one from China and one from Hollywood (re: an Asian and a Caucasian actor), with an eye towards International markets.

(Update: I’ve been told by reader Chuck that the story was originally adapted for the screen once already in 1978. It was called “Circle of Iron” and starred David Carradine.)

National Film Capital is also investing in “The Annihilator” from Stan Lee (about a Chinese superhero) and a big-budget 3D film called “The Magic Scroll”, which will be based on a comic book called “The Way of the Rat”. Chuck Russell (“Eraser”) is penning the script, to be directed by former special effects man Charles Gibson (of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films).

Also on the plate is the big-budget “Genghis Khan” from writer Peter Doyle. That movie is being envisioned as an epic $100 million dollar movie. Then there’s the historical “1421”, based on the 15th century Chinese admiral Zheng He, which will be based on the book by Gavin Menzies.

Of course, whether any of these movies actually get made is anybody’s guess, though Stan Lee’s “The Annihilator” seems to be moving along pretty well. And who doesn’t want to see a “last movie” by Bruce Lee?

The Annihilator Comic Character

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