China to the Rescue? Pacific Rim Sequel is Still Possible, Apparently

Pacific Rim (2013) Movie IMAX PosterYou may have heard that screenwriter Travis Beacham and director Guillermo del Toro, the men behind the monsters vs. robots actioner “Pacific Rim”, already have a pair of sequel ideas. Of course, that’s like saying “Air is good for you”. Well DUH they’re going to have sequel ideas. That’s standard Hollywood operating procedure when you’re dealing with a genre movie these days.

Of course, getting the box office numbers necessary in order to justify that sequel is another matter entirely. At present, “Pacific Rim” doesn’t look like it has any chance whatsoever of getting another very expensive sequel greenlit. The film is stuck at $86 million domestic (and doesn’t look like it will get anywhere close to $100 million), though salvation may come in the form of overseas box office.

Deadline reports that the film recently pulled in $9 million in one day in China alone, thanks to the film arriving in a mammoth 5,700 digital 3D screens and 117 digital 3D IMAX screens. That’s a lot of screens, folks. Of course, whether it maintains that pace in other foreign territories will really be the deciding factor.

As it stands, talks of a sequel are incredibly premature. “Pacific Rim” cost Warner Bros. a whopping $190 million to make, and at present it’s only cleared $226 million worldwide. Remember that the rule of thumb for big-budget films is that it has to at least double its budget in order to earn a profit and make a sequel financially feasible. Which means “Pacific Rim” really, really needs a lot of help from foreign box office.

Is it possible we might get a “Pacific Rim 2” in a few years? Sure, it’s entirely possible. Is it likely? Eh, probably not. I guess we’ll find out as the movie rolls out in other territories in the coming weeks.

Rinko Kikuchi in Pacific Rim (2013) Movie Image