Chinese Author To Sue James Cameron Over Plagiarism

This isn’t the first time James Cameron has been accused of plagiarism, and let’s be honest, the Avatar storyline isn’t completely original nor is it overly complex (it’s been referred to as “Dances with the Wolves in Space”). But Beijing-based author Zhou Shaomou, author of the online book “Tale of the Blue Crows,” is now suing James Cameron $146 million for plagiarism. He claims 80% of the “Avatar” plot is the same as the “Tale of the Blue Crows” plot.

So what is Cameron allegedly plagiarising from “Tale of the Blue Crows”? According to Sky News, this:

[Tale of the Blue Crows] tells the story of an epic journey taken by six astronauts to a distant planet which is home to a race of blue-skinned beings.

“I wrote in my novel that their space journey took them six years but in Cameron’s movie the journey takes them five years nine months and 22 days,” he says.

Blue people on a distant planet? Well, hell, maybe he’s also plagiarising every other sci-fi film that’s featured blue aliens. As for 80% of the plot being the same, well, it never was original in the first place. If 80% of the plot is the same, then you could possibly say that Shaomou also wrote a “Dances with the Wolves in Space” and that neither of them are completely original.

What would probably make a better plagiarism case is “Avatar’s” similarities with a Russian series of novels known as “The World Of Noon”. Both feature a lush, green planet called “Pandora”, both take place during the 22nd century, and where “Avatar” has the Na’vi, “The World Of Noon” has a race known as the Nave. But with all the similarities, there are also several differences (there are two humanoid aliens in “The World Of Noon”), and the author of the series has decided not to support the allegations.

So what do you think? Is Avatar plagiarised?