Chinese Guys to Take over Host 2 Duties

Don’t even ask me how this one works — “The Host” was a surprise South Korean monster movie that hit it big, with rumors of remakes on the way. The remake seems to have been shelved (at least temporarily, since we haven’t heard anything about it yet), while the Chinese have now stepped up to take over the franchise by producing a part 2. Yes, that’s right, the Chinese. How a South Korean movie became a Chinese movie, with a Chinese director (“Crazy Stone’s” Ning Hao) set to write and direct, is a mystery, although I’m sure fronting half of the production’s $12 million dollar budget had something to do with it.

The plot of the sequel according to Variety:

New pic will have to tread carefully to avoid criticizing the Chinese government. Story will concern a calamity caused when people ignore a monster due to their desire for money.

Then I’m sure the monster tries to eat the Chinese Government, only to realize that the State is too powerful, and falls in line like an obedient beeyatch. Or eats itself. Something like that. Well one thing’s for sure — there ain’t gonna be a Government villain in THIS one.

The Host SEquel