Chinese Horror Flick Midnight Beating Gets an Updated Trailer

Are you sick of seeing posts about the Simon Yam horror flick “Midnight Beating” yet? If so, I humbly apologize for wasting your time. For whatever reason, the film has struck a demented chord with me, which is why I’m here once again to present another trailer for the upcoming chiller. This particular clip isn’t too far removed from the one posted earlier this month, though, as someone who is very much looking forward to seeing the picture, these minor alterations are reason enough for me to ramble on and on without much of a point. If you haven’t seen the previous trailer, feast your tender senses on the video provided below. Here’s hoping my expectations don’t completely detail the experience.

“Midnight Beating” opens in Chinese theaters on December 24th. Thanks to Film Smash for providing the embedded audio/visual delights.