Chinese Visual Festival 2012 Announces Special Screening of Brave Father and Where Should I Go

Where Should I Go Documentary

Press Release:

Chinese Visual Festival is proud to announce a special screening of the critically acclaimed documentaries Brave Father and Where I Should Go at the Curzon cinema in Soho, London on Wednesday 12th September at 6:10pm. The event is being held in association with the Curzon’s regular DocDays program, and will include a Q&A session with special guests. Tickets are available now from the Curzon website.

Brave Father and Where I Should Go were directed by Li Junhu, a promising young film maker who works both on independent documentaries and at television stations in China. The award winning films proved extremely popular at the Chinese Visual Festival, and have been widely praised for their humanistic portrayals of parents sacrificing all for their children. Tackling issues of migration, money and modernity, the two offer a rare glimpse of real life in China, depicting ordinary people making difficult choices as they try to secure a future in the fast changing Chinese society.

Brave Father Documentary

Brave Father charts several years the life of Han Peiyin, a labourer who relocated from his rural home to work in the city of Xi’an to make money to pay for his son Shengli to go to university. The moving film follows Han as he works tirelessly to support Shengli, unwavering in his dedication to push him forward and help him to get the education he believes will save him from poverty. However, things do not work out as planned, and despite the best efforts of father and son, Shengli struggles to find a job, thwarted by the harsh realities of the modern Chinese economy.

Where I Should Go deals with similar themes, though this time from the perspective of mothers, revolving around the stories of two women and their families, who have migrated from rural villages to the big city in an attempt to achieve an education and better lives for their children. Compassionate and involving, the film never offers easy answers, Li Junhu conveying the human cost and confusion of the unstoppable spread of modernisation.

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