Chris Carter Thinks a Third X-Files Movie is Still Out There

X-Files' I Want to Believe PosterFor some reason I’ve never seen 2008’s “X-Files” movie, the amusingly titled “I Want to Believe”. I think it’s because I tuned out of the “X-Files” TV show after the sixth or seventh season. I’m not really sure. I think it was probably around the time Mulder got abducted and anal probed by aliens and the “Terminator” guy showed up as his replacement. Which is odd, because I was a really, really big fan of the show. I mean, I must have seen every single episode from the time it premiered on Fox to the aforementioned sixth or seventh season.

But then 2008’s “I Want to Believe” came and I never got around to seeing it, and the thing is, I didn’t feel as if I missed out on anything, since it was a standalone story that didn’t deal with the show’s alien mythology. The film did reasonably good business, earning $68 million worldwide from a $30 million budget. When you count in DVD and foreign sales, it probably turned a profit, though perhaps not a big enough profit that Fox was quick to greenlight a sequel.

For those hoping to see Scully and Mulder on the big-screen once again, franchise creator/director/producer Chris Carter has some encouraging words. Speaking to Empire, Carter says a third movie is definitely possible:

It’s really up to Twentieth Century Fox, whether they have the will to do it. I think all of us are interested in putting the band back together. I have an idea for a third movie in my head. The colonisation date [December 22, 2012] has passed and that is something we wouldn’t ignore. For the second movie, we only had the budget for a standalone story, but we want to go back to the mythology.

He goes on to mention that Simon Pegg is a big fan of the show, and wouldn’t mind putting the geek-friendly actor in the next movie — if there should be a next movie.

I think one of the reasons why I tuned out to “The X-Files” is because its whole alien conspiracy angle simply became to convoluted after a while. It wasn’t that I couldn’t keep track of it, I just lost interest, which is saying something cause I LOVE me some alien conspiracies!

As for a third “X-Files” movie — you folks game? Do YOU still believe?

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter on the set of The X-Files I Want to Believe (2008) Movie Image

“Is that the third movie? Oh, sorry, I thought that was the third movie sneaking up on us.”