Chris Hemsworth is Thor! (Plus he’s Also the Lead in the Red Dawn Remake)

Who says nothing exciting ever happens in the movie world on Saturdays? Whoever said that didn’t hear that Marvel Studios and Kenneth Branagh have just cast their lead in their big-budget comic book epic “Thor”. According to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood, who broke the story, it’s the same guy who has nabbed the lead in the upcoming “Red Dawn” remake earlier in the week. Who is the lucky devil, you ask? His name is Chris Hemsworth, and he’s an Australian actor.

The name might not ring any bells, but if you saw Abrams’ “Star Trek” (and who didn’t?), he had a big role in the first 10 minutes. Chris Hemsworth played George Kirk, James T. Kirk’s dad, who fought off Nero’s big bad ship at the beginning of “Star Trek”, sacrificing himself so his son could be born. Hemsworth is a former player on the long-running Aussie show Home and Away, which has spawned a number of Hollywood actors, including Stephanie Jacobsen (Battlestar Galactica), Isabel Lucas (“Transformers 2”), and Julian McMahon (“Fantastic Four”).

Some facts about this Chris Hemsworth fella: He’s 25-years old, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and he stands 6’3″. has pictures of him with the Army crewcut down (for “Red Dawn”), but he better start growing those locks unless they want to go the wig route.

Not a bad month for ol Chris. Besides opening big with “Star Trek”, he’s now adding “Thor” and “Red Dawn” to his growing list of credits. In the “Red Dawn” remake, Hemsworth will be playing a vet who just returned from that whole hubbub in Iraq only to face a Red Chinese invasion on home soil. Plus, he’s also in Joss Whedon’s “Cabin in the Woods”.

Who does this guy think he is, Sam Worthington?

Below: “I hope my next movie has less explosions! Fingers crossed!”