Chris Hemsworth Will Lead the Robopocalypse

Chris HemsworthOne of these days I’ll finish Daniel Wilson’s “Robopocalypse” novel. Probably. Until then, I’ll have to make due with a big ol studio popcorn film adaptation from Steven Spielberg, who I hear tell knows a thing or two about making big ol studio popcorn films.

Word is, after meeting with Thor himself, Spielberg now wants Chris Hemsworth to take the lead in his big-screen adaptation of the novel, which was recently adapted by Drew Goddard (of “Cloverfield” and “The Cabin in the Woods” fame). The meeting was apparently so hush-hush that participants used assumed names. Which is, yeah, kind of stupid. In any case, after meeting with the “Avengers” and “Snow White and the Huntsman” star, Spielberg is sure he has his man, and so I guess that means an offer to front “Robopocalypse” is forthcoming.

The movie would chronicle the rise of sentient robots as they seek to enslave humanity sometime in the near-future. Yeah, that old story. When will we ever learn? Smart robots equals bad news, guys! Sheesh. You’d think we’d have learn our lesson by now after that whole Skynet incident, but nooooooo….

The book was told from various perspectives, following a group of disparate people around the world as they come to realize what’s happening and battle back against the machines. It’s been a while since I took a stab at reading the book, so I haven’t a clue what role Hemsworth is set to play. Heck, I didn’t even know there was a lead. I remember an old Japanese guy in a factory, some kids in a fast food joint, and some dudes in Alaska or some such…

Anyhoo. “Robopocalypse” already has a April 25, 2014 release date penciled in.

Robopocalypse Novel Cover

Via : Deadline