Chris Pine as Captain America? Sure, Why Not.

It could be true, or it could be complete bullshit. Or it could be somewhere in-between. But according to an anonymous tipster to the site CinemaSpy, Paramount and Marvel are “pretty close to closing a deal” with the frontrunner for the lead in “The First Avenger: Captain America”, and it’s none other than “Star Trek’s” Chris Pine. Yeah, that’s the rumor floating around today. To give credit where credit is due, even the boys at CinemaSpy doesn’t completely trust the tipster (they haven’t a clue why anyone would, out of the blue, send them something this big), so that probably gives you some inkling as to the validity of the tip.

So let’s break the rumor down: Is Chris Pine in the running for Captain America? Aka the Short List? I would assume so, being that Pine is one of the hotter young stars working today, and he could probably do any movie he wants post-“Star Trek”. But aside from a couple of high-profile projects (“Unstoppable” with Denzel Washington and the new “Jack Ryan” reboot), Pine has been pretty choosy. (He’s been the anti-Taylor Lautner, if you will.) And fronting a major movie and potential franchise like the Captain America films, not to mention appearing in all the other Marvel team movies, would be a major coup for a young actor.

So yeah, I have no problems at all believing that Pine is on the studio’s wish list to front the Captain America franchise, so this rumor could very well prove true. Then again, probably not, since this is the first time I’ve heard of Pine’s name being connected to the Captain at any level. And would Pine really want to take on another franchise as time-consuming and physically draining as Captain America with Jack Ryan in the wings?

In any case, we should know the answer pretty soon, because according to director Joe Johnston himself, they’re pretty close to finding their Steve Rogers. It could very well be Chris Pine … or not.

Stars. So many stars...