Chris Pine as Green Lantern? What about Sam Worthington? How About Me?

For such a lame comic book character, it’s amazing the attention that’s being paid to the casting of Warner Bros.’ upcoming “Green Lantern” movie. Of course, the fact that a new website is throwing out a new “frontrunner” for the role every other week helps to keep the rumor mill spinning. The latest “frontrunner”? “Star Trek’s” Chris Pine and “Terminator Salvation’s” Sam Worthington.

Via Trekweb:

Pine would play Hal Jordan, a pilot who finds a powerful ring and its lantern-like battery when a spaceship crashes on Earth. Jordan is selected to succeed the craft’s dying occupant as the next Green Lantern, a galactic guardian who is a member of an interstellar corps, the site reported, citing an anonymous source.

The movie has reportedly set up production offices and is on track to start shooting in September in Australia for the previously announced December 17, 2010 release date.

Chris Pine would make a decent Hal Jordan, but Sam Worthington? I don’t see it. Although I have to wonder who is doing Sammy’s PR, because they sure are working over time to get their guy’s name out there as much as possible.

But back to Chris Pine. Yeah, I can see it.

Update: 3/20/09 debunks the Chris Pine as Hal Jordan rumor with their own source. Read it over there.

Below: “Whoa, whoa, guys, you want this part, you gotta talk to the suits! Not me!”