Chris Vance is TV’s Transporter

Cinemax’s TV version of Jason Statham’s “The Transporter” franchise has landed its Frank Martin: the character will be played by Chris Vance of “Prison Break” and “Burn Notice” fame.

I’ll be honest with you, I remember Vance from “Burn Notice” — he played a prissy bad guy — but I don’t actually recall him from “Prison Break”. Then again, I sort of checked out of “Prison Break” after the first two seasons, so maybe he showed up later in the series. Though his character’s name, Whistler, sounds familiar.

In any case, EW reports that Vance apparently landed the gig a while ago. At least, long enough for the show to shoot a promo pic of him in costume — or, er, suit (below).

Luc Besson, who produced and co-wrote the three “Transporter” movies starring Statham, will continue as producer on the show, which is scheduled to shoot in Canada and Europe before premiering its first episodes on Cinemax in the States in 2012.

Update: Deadline adds that Hungarian actress Andrea Osvart has also joined the cast as the show’s female lead.

She will play a character name Carla, who is Frank Martin’s handler, described as “an extremely crafty former CIA operative who organizes his missions, acts as his eyes and ears on the outside, and continually stokes the flames of their unrequited attraction.”