Christian Bale Apologizes for Massive Douchebaggery

You gotta wonder if the “Terminator Salvation” star would have come out publicly and apologized if he hadn’t been caught by the guys and gals over at TMZ via an audio of his outburst on the set of “Salvation” earlier this week. (For those who haven’t heard it, head over here to witness the massive douchebaggery by Christian Bale.) Now that he’s been caught, Bale has come out to apologize for his behavior, and the bloke (as they say Across the Pond) certainly sounds remorseful, and very clear that it was all entirely his fault. At least it sounds legit, and not one of those PR-written apology letter read in an emotionless monotone to the press.

Via SFgate, Bale told the Kevin & Bean radio show this on Friday:

“I have to tell ya, it’s been a miserable week for me. … I know I have a potty mouth, everybody knows that now. The thing that I really wanna stress is that I have no confusion whatsoever, I was out of order beyond belief. I was way out of order. I acted like a punk, I regret that, and there is nobody that has heard that tape that it’s hit harder than me. So I make no excuses for it, it was inexcusable and I hope that is absolutely clear …

So many people have opinions on this, but none of them were there. Now, we’re making ‘Terminator’ … Sarah Connor is in an insane asylum. I play John Connor, Sarah Connor’s son. Now, on the day that all of this happened, the scene that we were doing, I was trying to show a little of that in the blood craziness. You know what? It went very wrong and for reasons that myself, and Shane … and every crewmember who was in that hanger at Kirkland Air Space (in Washington) that day, they know the reasons, I got annoyed and then what happened, I made it ugly, and that was awful of me. I took it way too far and completely mixed up fact and fiction, I’m half John Connor, half Christian Bale and we’ve heard what happened.

I’ve not only talked with him, we resolved this completely that very day. We kept working for a number of hours. Listen, when I’m saying I’m not coming back on that set if he’s still there, you know what? It’s hot air. I don’t believe that. I had no intention of getting anybody fired. I absolutely believed in Shane’s capability, he’s done a wonderful job on that movie. Everything is resolved between us, there is no problem whatsoever. I’ve seen a cut of the movie and he has done a wonderful professional job, and I don’t want anyone to have a misunderstanding about that.”

So, Sarah Connor shows up in “Terminator Salvation”? Well that’s actual movie news! Yes, we do post actual movie news here every now and then. At least when we aren’t afforded the perfect opportunity to make fun of high and mighty celebrities. A guy’s gotta make this job worthwhile, right?

Below: “See? This is what happens when you walk across my sight-line! All of you better pay attention!”