Christian Bale Confirmed as John Connor in T4

Or, to be more specific, Christian Bale has been confirmed as being in “serious talks” to star as the adult John Connor in the upcoming “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins”, the first of a proposed trilogy that would continue the franchise in the much-talked about future, in a world nuked by Skynet. The confirmation comes from MSN, who cites “someone close to the production”. If true, Bale would be working under the dubious directorial skills of one McG.


Bale is obviously set financially with Chris Nolan’s “Batman” series, and why would an actor who spent weeks in the jungles of Thailand with acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog want to work with a director whose career achievement is “Charlie’s Angels”? And considering how much time “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” have taken out of his schedule (the “Knight” shoot took more than six months), why would he commit to what is expected to be the first of three new “Terminator” movies? Those questions have yet to be answered, but on a hunch, I contacted someone close to the production who, much to my surprise, confirmed Bale is in serious talks for the role but hasn’t yet signed on the dotted line.

So there you go. Christian Bale as John Connor? If true, that would just be the best news I’ve heard all year regarding the Terminator movies.

Christian Bale Confirmed as John Conner in T4