Christian Bale is Awesome, Spends Time with 4-Year Old Cancer Patient

Christian Bale plays a superhero in the movies, but looks like he’s somewhat of a superhero in real life, too. The “Dark Knight Rises” star (and most current Batman actor) recently flew the family of 4-year old cancer patient Jayden Barber to Los Angeles for a visit. Why? Because Jayden, who suffers from a rare form of Leukemia, is a big Batman fan.

The young lad’s love of all things Batman prompted friends and family to start a Facebook group to help make his dream come true and finally get him a meeting with Christian Bale. It didn’t take long for Bale to hear about this, and sent for the boy and his family. Check out a picture of the dynamic do at a L.A. hotel:

Christian Bale and Jayden Barber

And here’s Bale with the Barber clan:

Christian Bale and the Barbers

Bale visited the family at the hotel, bringing along his wife and daughter. From the sound of it, everyone had a wonderful time, and the family were left with nothing but praise for the actor.

The family also says that Jayden’s cancer is currently in remission, but he’s not out of the woods yet. The cancer has been in remission once before, but came back. You would have to be made of stone to not feel for the kid. Any children suffering gets to me, and this, at just four years old? Good luck, Jayden, you’re one brave kid.

And Bale is a good man for doing this. I don’t see the fingerprints of PR people anywhere near this, and all the pictures are from the family. No one would have heard about it until the local news picked it up, followed by the national press.

Good on ya, man, good on ya.